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Welcome to McBride’s Bees, a small independent bee farm nestled among the trees, fields and hedgerows of Co. Monaghan. We run a handful of small apiaries and offer high quality Raw Irish honey, beeswax products and many other bee related products. Our bees collect honey from a wide variety of flora including sycamore, hawthorn and dandelion during Spring and blackberry and clover during the Summer. This variety of flowers gives an authentic taste of the wild Irish countryside, full of natural antibacterial and antimicrobial goodness.

At McBride’s Bees we use only native Irish honeybees (apis milifera milifera), positively contributing to the conservation of this threatened native species. Our native Irish honeybees are well adapted to thrive in our Irish conditions. I nurture my bees using sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices which have been perfected over the last 18 years. I ensure only surplus honey is taken off, always assuring the bees enough so I don’t need to artificially feed, thus guaranteeing my honey is 100% natural raw honey collected by the bees.

I have both acquired native queens from a number of Ireland’s top breeders and also bred my very own queens. Selective breeding has allowed me to avoid using any treatments (chemical or other) or antibiotics within any of my hives. McBride’s Bees is committed to elevating the profile of Irish Honeybees and contributing to the environment.

Trevor McBride

McBride’s Bees

100% Ethically Farmed

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