McBride’s Bees

My Story

McBride’s Bees was founded by Trevor McBride in 2020. I started hobby beekeeping back in 2002 at the age of 14. I have always had a passion for all things farming and food related. In 2010 I graduated with an Honours degree in Environmental Engineering, however agriculture was the path I chose to pursue. We have a small mixed farm in the Monaghan countryside and decided in 2012 to start farming full time alongside my father. The same year I built a poultry unit for laying hens and shortly after started sheep farming.

Farmers have a big responsibility for not only producing high quality nutritious food but also taking care of the environment. In 2019 I embraced this responsibility by investing heavily in solar power to make our farm more environmentally friendly and to help reduce our carbon footprint. In all elements of our farm we try to keep the use of chemicals and antibiotics to a minimum while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our animals.

I started beekeeping all those years ago to produce quality honey for my granny, who loves honey but also found it extremely difficult to buy Irish honey as most readily available honeys are just blends of industrially produced foreign honey. She still enjoys the honey that I produce to this day. In the latter end of 2019 I decided to develop my beekeeping and started to sell some of my honey in a local shop. I absolutely love working with the bees and I’m passionate about supplying great quality products, in particular delicious uniquely flavoured honey.

My native Irish bees pollinate the local wildflowers, hedgerows and meadows. They collect nectar from many different flowers and produce pure raw honey. The flavour of each honey tends to differ slightly each year even differing between hives depending on the given season and the variety of flowers the bees forage on. Next the honey is then extracted from the honeycomb, coarsely filtered and bottled by hand in small batches using traditional methods. This craft process ensures the honey retains all of its natural goodness and maintains its superior quality and distinct flavour just as the bees and nature intended. My ethical and sustainable beekeeping methods ensure the uniqueness of my product guaranteeing that each jar is exquisite, honey truly fit for a queen.

If you would like to support bees the best way is to purchase locally produced honey. An ethical beekeeper will only use the excess honey produced by the colony. Supporting my new venture means a lot to me so thank you for visiting my website and helping McBride’s Bees to grow. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any other queries please get in touch and I will do everything I can to help.