100% Pure Irish Honey

Late Festive Harvest


Late Festive Harvest is produced by the bees from late September, October and November. This is the last honey harvest of the year and the majority is usually left for the bees as Winter food. With shorter days, lower temperatures and poorer weather conditions the quantity collected by the bees varies from year to year. It is a monofloral honey collected by the bees from the Ivy plant, a dark, rich honey which granulates very quickly and is almost always found in this state.

To give this particular honey a smooth spreadable consistency I carefully control the granulation process to produce a creamy soft set honey that has the same nutritional benefits as raw honey but without the granulation. This process involves stirring the honey once extracted on a start/stop cycle, thus preventing large granular crystals from forming. The result is a smooth raw honey that will remain in this state.


140g, 227g

Pure Irish Honey

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